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We’re GAX

We’re on a Mission to Democratize the Art Market

The Vision

Blockchain technology finally presents the tools for the founders to realize their vision from many years ago. They decide to  move forward with the concept.

Our Offices in Miami, Florida

500 Terry Francois St,
San Francisco, CA 94158

We’re Looking for Innovative Talent

GAX in Numbers

2.5 M

Start-Up Capital

40 M

Blue-chip artwork contribution to GAX

8.250 M

Equity Capital Sought


Peter Saile

Founder & Chairman

Hans W. Meyers


Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel



Marlene Cassidy, Esq.

Founder & Chief Legal Officer

Tatiana Sarmina, Esq.

Corporate Secretary

Michel Reiss

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Gerrit Schulz-Bennewits

Chief Art Officer

Winthrop Yerkes

Chief Financial Officer

David Hartmann

Chief Technology Officer

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