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We Are

Democratizing Access to Blue-Chip Art

GAX helps millions of people gain access to this planet’s most inaccessible asset: blue-chip art. No matter where or who they are.

Easy Exchange

Blue-chip art becomes a liquid asset class that can easily be collected, traded or held in the users' wallet.

Integrated User Wallets

Users can add funds to their wallets

with cash, credit or ETH.


Several layers of protection

are enabled.


The blue-chip art documentation is accessible on the blockchain, rendering it transparently available, secure and immutable, for anyone to see on any chain explorer.

Introducing the ArtBit

Our Users Can Collect Blue-Chip Art Easily and Securely

Users collect in real time and become art collectors!


Users can register a free account through an easy KYC process


Users can enjoy the user experience either on the web or on iOS/Android apps

Collect Blue-Chip Art

Users can easily collect (buy, sell, or hold) ArtBits once their wallets are set up

ArtBits at their Fingertips!

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